PHI PHI started as an idea that kept growing and growing every day due to a strong passion for fashion as a way of expressing one’s self.
For a very long time, I dreamed of creating my own clothing line in which I could imprint a little bit of my essence, and after many years of planning and working, Phi Phi was finally brought to life!

The name PHI PHI was chosen because of the Phi Phi Island located on the west coast of Thailand where the famous movie “The Beach” by director Danny Boyle was filmed.
I am passionate about films, the immensity of the ocean, the power of color and of course, good music! All that you would expect from a Libra Latina girl :)
I came to the United States many years ago and I’m happy to say that I’ve fallen in love with its infinite landscapes. Specially Florida, where I reside, with its tropical views and warm beaches.

Each PHI PHI design sold is made with love and dedication, and we always make sure to offer you the comfiest and best-quality fabrics and materials possible.

Our vision is to inspire and motivate all women to follow their dreams and stand for what they believe in. Let each piece be a reminder to always care for and support each other:

Empowered women empower women.

Phi Phi started out shipping only to the United States, and today we are glad to say that we cover more than 100 countries!

Your satisfaction, comfort and joy is, and always will be, our #PHIPHILOSOPHY 

Join us and be part of our story today!
Thank you for your love and support,

Dayi Mata 🖤 CEO